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Watch Dogs 2 UPDATE 1.17-CPY

REAL REPACK NOTES: Sorry, Third time’s a charm… Enjoy  This release includes all DLCs and Updates released so far, available languages are english/italian. Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Release Name: Watch.Dogs.2.UPDATE.1.17.REAL.REPACK-CPY Size: 9.8 GB Links: IGN | STEAM | NFO | NTi Download REAL REPACK: USERSCLOUD

Hellmut The Badass from Hell Proper-SKIDROW

Description: The Gates of Hell opens and humanity is in danger! No, it’s nothing to do with a certain game spelled ‘MOOD’ backwards, how dare you even think that! This game isn’t some run-of-the-mill first person shooter, it’s got hideous demons, and powerful guns, and blood splatter and… Wait a minute, let’s start that again.

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse-CODEX

Description: This weeks The world’s best mass llama-slaughter roguelike-lite-ish couch co-op top-down twin-stick shooter. VALA is a frantic top-down shooter where you remotely pilot an endless supply of mechs from your ocean carrier offshore of the apocalypse, fighting through the llama hordes to take down The Llamanati. Features: 1 to 4 player local couch-co-op A

Planet Explorers Update v1.1.2 Hotfix-CODEX

Read patchnotes.txt for information on updated content! Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation Publisher: Pathea Games Developer: Pathea Games Release Name: Planet.Explorers.Update.v1.1.2.Hotfix-CODEX Size: 27.3 MB Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi Download: UPLOAD4EARN – RAPIDGATOR


Description: Help Ballard roll through the dangerous levels to the house of Ballerina, love of his life! AtmaSphere is rolling ball game set in a medieval world which is full of dangerous traps and risky paths! Roll all you want, but don’t fall! Collect all the diamonds to impress Ballerina and pick up yellow coins for


Description: One of the most iconic classic games which we all grew to know and love! UNO makes its return with an assortment of exciting new features such as added video chat support and an all new theme system which adds more fun! Match cards either by matching color or value and play action cards to


Description: DYING: Reborn is a first-person Room Escape puzzle game in which players must tackle all kinds of puzzles in a series of dark and eerie environments. Gameplay revolves around collecting, discovering and putting together pieces of a twisted story that will make your hair stand on end… Features: Solve puzzles in a fully 3D environment

Fallen Legion Plus-PLAZA

Description: Will you restore glory to your homeland or overthrow the monarchy and claim the throne in your name? Fallen Legion+ doubles the intensity on Steam with Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion bundled together! Embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore

The Last Hope Trump vs Mafia Remastered North Korea-HI2U

Description: The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia is the sequel to last year’s sleeper hit “The Last Hope” in which you became the President of the World. You are John Trump, the President of all Countries. Shortly after being sworn in, you travel to Europe for a conference, but your airplane is shot-down by mafia members.